Like it or not, appearance plays a powerful role in how we treat others, and how we are treated. Psychologists have long known that attractive people get better outcomes in practically all walks of life. This applies to your sales proposals too.

You only have seven seconds to form a strong first impression. Here are our top tips to make a positive impact with your sales proposal and be remembered for the right reasons.

Packaging that makes the customer smile.

When it comes to packaging sales proposals (excluding tenders of course) you should be thinking outside the box. It may cost a little extra but make your packaging fun and get creative. The person receiving your proposal will no doubt have a few boring proposals to sift through so why not get them excited to open yours. How your proposal is packaged sets the tone and benchmark for comparing other proposals. If you are innovative with your packaging, it tells your customer you care and are willing to go the extra mile. When we say creative we don’t mean a brightly coloured envelope, we mean something completely wacky and personalised that is relevant to the customer, product or service on offer.

Add a splash of colour.

Don’t be scared to use colour. Colour adds life to your proposal and captures the reader’s attention. Using colour correctly allows you to draw attention to key points and create impact where it matters most. Add colour to your sales proposals in heading titles, call-outs for images or graphs, and infographics.

Images to save you a thousand words. 

There are so many different types of images that you can incorporate into your sales proposal to convey your message. Images are a great way to reduce text and summarise key points. Remember that most people reading your proposal will skim read, especially if it is text heavy. The reader is more likely to remember a key point if its presented visually. Include images such as photographs, infographics, diagrams, graphs, illustrations and tables. Be sure to have a caption for each image that summarises the key point and links an outcome or result the customer will receive.

So… don’t be scared to get out the creative wand and add life to your sales proposals. Use your seven seconds wisely and make your proposals “pop”. If you are not the creative type, then Bid Studio can help. We have been adding sparkle to sales content since 2012. We have lots of tricks up our sleeves that will entice your customers and make a great first impression.